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Will i get Dry Eyes after LASIK ?

There are many modalities to treat and relieve dry eyes these days, yet it can be quite annoying. It is therefore important to know whether you are predisposed to have dry eyes after lasik. The factors that increase the risk of dsry eyes after lasik are:

   -    dry eyes before lasik: this mainly applies to those who have dry eyes even without contact lenses. It is quite common to have dry eyes with contact lenses and in fact many contact lens wearers have lasik because their eyes become dry when wearing lenses.

You are not necessarily at risk for dry eyes after lasik if:

   -    you have been “told” that you have dry eyes but you have no symptoms. It is a good idea to mention this to your lasik surgeon but significant dry  eyes is usually symptomatic.
   -    you have “gpc” (contact lens allergy/ “bumps” under your lids). This does not affect your lasik result and will not increase your chance of dry eyes after lasik.

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